If there’s one more gift that you can share with the world, what would that be?

Do you have an idea, a talent, a skill that when you shared would make a difference in someone else’s life?

Are you ready to believe in yourself that ‘you can do it?’  That you have something to share into the world and that ‘only you’ can do?

Well, you ought to start believing right now . . .

Yes, all of us are uniquely gifted individuals.  We were created that way.  You might say that others also have the gifts you have right now.  Maybe you know someone who were able to maximize their gifts and turn it into a most rewarding career or profession that puts them into the pedestal, earning the rewards, high esteem and even envy of some people around them.

It is true that you might have possess the same gifts with others as no one has the monopoly of any single gift but the difference lies on the way it is being maximized for the benefits of many.

What use would it be if we will only allow it to remain hidden or bury it somewhere out of fear or laziness?

That’s how exactly my site is born.  I love reading, writing and traveling.  I’ve got so many ideas that I wanted to share with others through using the pen (now, my laptop) but it remains just stocked up on my head for many years now.  I dreaded to imagine that one day my days will be gone and I’ll pass this world without sharing the gifts that I have (I have many other gifts that I discovered throughout this journey called life).

One fine day while attending the funeral of a close family friend, it dawned on me that life really is too short.  We may not know what tomorrow has in store for us.  So, I’ve made up my mind.  I have come up with the decision.  I need to begin NOW as there might be no other time!   If I will try to put it off by telling I’m busy, the truth is:  I won’t do it at any point in time in the future.  I will always make reasons.  Which I do not like to happen.  I felt the need to do something . . . NOW!

And this is what I’d like to share with you, too.  Maybe, you have a similar experience with me.  I made up my mind to make it my mission to inspire and motivate people to do the things they love the most, by doing it now and not to wait at some favorable time in the future for it might not come at any point.  I wish to encourage them to start ASAP before regrets come creeping in for the many times that have been lost.

More on my next blog post . . .

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